Emergent Energy Solutions
Emergent Energy Solutions
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EES provides three different options for the purchase of our turnkey solutions. See below for more details. 

Capital and Expense Purchases

The standard go to option for projects. EES can provide budgetary or finalized project proposals based on a set scope of work. The customer makes the commitment for the goods or service. 

Maintenance Agreement Financing

Upon request from the customer, EES can structure our project proposal as a multi-year maintenance agreement. This agreement allows our customers to create a self funded project where the money saved can be used to pay for the upgrade. Our maintenance agreements can range in duration from 1 to 5 years. 


The C-PACE program has been adopted by several states as a property tax assessed financing program. Finance payments are collected through the property's tax assessment rather than as a commercial business loan. For more details about the program, please visit the following link for further details.  

C-PACE Financing