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Process Heating and Cooling Recovery

With many industrial manufacturing processes, there is a great need for process cooling or heating as raw materials are processed to arrive at the finished goods. This heat and cooling intensive process provides opportunities for reclaim of the waste heat or cooling that is ultimately rejected from the product or process. EES designs and installs the systems needed to achieve heat recovery and temperature controls. 

Compressed Air Systems

A simple example of this process occurs regularly with compressed air systems. These systems generate substantial heat during the air compression process. This heat can be rejected during the summer times but can be recovered during the heating season to offset heating costs. This heat recovery process provides multiple benefits, which includes: 

  1. Mechanical Room Pressurization Controls - Reduce the negative pressure state of the mechanical space
  2. Compressor Cooling Controls - Reduces the risk of compressor failure from high-temp
  3. Freeze Control On Compressors - With heat recovery implemented to heat the mechanical room, the compressor room is kept at a constant 60F and eliminates the need for an outdoor package from the compressor manufacturer. 

Chilled Bath Wash Processes
On chilled chlorinated wash water baths for salads and other produce, fresh incoming city water is chilled to the required temperatures and than cycled through the wash basin with a set drip rate of fresh water. Depending on the rate of make-up, the dumped chilled water (45F)  still carries a substantial amount of thermal BTUs when compared with the incoming city water (65F). This 20F delta T can provide the energy savings potential to justify the installation of the necessary equipment to recover a portion of this thermal energy by using the waste water to pre-cool the incoming city water. The financials ultimately depend on the cost of energy and the effluent flow rate. 

The opportunities are endless on heat & cooling recovery energy projects. The primary determining factors to whether a project will be justify comes down to: 
The quality (supply)  of the thermal energy
The need (demand) of the thermal energy
The savings generated
The cost of implementing

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