Ultrasonic Water & BTU (Energy) Metering

Energy metering of electrical systems provides the critical data for both process management and Scope 2 Green House Gas (GHG) Management. Our customers seek to utilize electric meters to manage their lighting, HVAC, process, compressed air and refrigeration loads throughout their portfolio of facilities. 

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Ultrasonic Flow Water Flow Meter

Ultrasonic transit time flow meter. For measurement of water flow in opened loop systems. Ideal for installation onto potable water supplies

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Ultrasonic Flow w/ Thermal BTU Sensor (Energy Meter)

Ultrasonic transit time flow meter w/ surface mounted temperature (thermal) sensor. Designed for central heating or chilled water loops. 

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Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Ultrasonic transit time flow meter for temporary installation. Battery or plug powered. Verification meter for a permanently installed meters. 

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