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The Power of Data

We all know the power of the data and the impact it can have on critical decisions that can have lasting impact. EES offers both cloud and locally installed metering and process data integration services for our customers who are looking to better understand their energy use. Our customers derive value from the metering and process data we integration by implementing the following initiatives within their processes: 

  1. Downtime Allocation - Our customers are able to utilize metering data to allocate operational downtime to their packaging equipment to develop their OEE benchmarks. Electric, compressed air and nitrogen data reflects equipment downtime and nitrogen purge cycles needed to product filling chambers to maintain product quality.
  2. Quality Assurance - Oxygen, Nitrogen and Moisture meters installed within product filling chambers ensure product quality as nitrogen is throttled to ensure fill chamber nitrogen purity. This is especially critical for the packaged foods industry that require low oxidation (O2) percentage in the finished product.
  3. Electrical Capacity Limitations - The impact of system capacity constraint are many times hidden until the perfect storm of circumstances take place. These perfect storm events can catch the facility off-guard and can cause significant impact on a business' operations. As industrial automation continues to replace human labor within the manufacturing process, additional strain is placed upon a facility's electrical, compressed air, nitrogen, and cooling systems. Metering of site utilities can catch these anomalies on a continuous basis and help to signal issues through system alarms and notifications to facility leadership. Correlating system data points with changing weather, shift, and production SKU can also provide the needed data to understand why things happen when they happen. 
  4. Process Impact Knowledge - Industrial facilities size their support systems  with OEM equipment specs. Unfortunately, many times the OEM specs are not accurate and the equipment prove to be more of an energy hog than originally planned. Utility metering will provide the data needed to understand true energy requirements and process changes needed. 
  5. Can't Manage What You Don't Measure - Continuous and historical data is key for process improvements to identify issues and to quantify the impact of any changes made to the system. Many firefighting exercises result in randomized quick fixes that end up bandaging up issues only to cause other problems down the line or to solve an issue temporarily only to see the problem arise again, weeks or months down the line. Having the needed data to benchmark system improvements will provide the data needed to deliver lasting process improvement. 

Please reach out to EES for further guidance on how we can help you with your process metering needs. 
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Emergent Energy Solutions - Compressed Air Metering

Compressed Air & Nitrogen (N2) Meter

Compressed Air and Nitrogen are essential resources within food and high sensitivity manufacturing processes. Metering of these resources will help to identify capacity, quality and system constraints that might be impacting the manufacturing process. 

EES is able to fully equipped to provide compressed air and nitrogen flow & quality meters for your industrial process. 

Emergent Energy Solutions - BTU Metering

Water Flow & Thermal BTU Metering

Hydronic (water based) heating and cooling systems have greater thermal capacity and have become more common place in new construction as space requirements for hydronic systems are significantly less than ducted systems. 

Hydronic fluid metering can provide the needed data to determine heating and cooling loads by tenant, building and process. 

Emergent Energy Solutions - Electric and natural gas metering

Electric & Natural Gas Metering 

Electric and Natural Gas metering are the basic metering systems that is universally deployed within all properties. Since electricity has been the primary energy source within buildings and processes, metering of this utility has become very common place. 

EES can provide entire switchgear, sub-panel, sub-metering for both load side and generation systems for three-phase and single-phase systems. 

Emergent Energy Solutions - Industrial Gasses

Other Industrial Gas or Liquids

Energy resources such as steam, oxygen, argon metering can also be provided. Further details are needed to fully understand the application and to size a meter that will fit the flow profiles for these meters. 

Please contact us for more details. 

Emergent Energy Solutions - AMR & Metering Dashboard

Central Integration & Dashboards

Integration and dash-boarding of live and historical metering data into a central platform  is the next step in the energy management process. Communications protocols and configuration of virtual meters important points to consider during the configuration of the integration platform. With the greater purpose of the system in mind, the metering platform and associated meters function together to ultimately deliver the value our customers are looking for. 

With the available the integrated energy data, the facility management team has the much needed tools and data to make informed decisions about where to dedicate their efforts.