Panoramic Power. End-To-End Energy Intelligence Platform

Panoramic Power offers an end-to-end, hardware and software Energy Intelligence Platform that enables users to visualize their energy usage, optimize costs, drive sustainability, and improve operational efficiency. 

Benefit from real-time, high-granular energy monitoring and actionable insights, through a simple, cost-effective, and quick setup process.

Value for your business

  • Get an in-depth understanding of your energy estate with real-time, detailed analytics
  • Experience significant ROI and value - immediately following setup.
  • Lower your electricity costs by proactively taking action when you identify inefficiencies and energy waste.
  • Reduce the risk of equipment failure and costly downtime with predictive analytics and sophisticated alerts.
  • Easily plan, monitor, and report on Net Zero and Decarbonization sustainability initiatives.

​Data Enablement Sensors & Cloud Hardware

Collect real-time energy data at the device level, with wireless, maintenance-free sensors, that create a highly granular energy image.

​​Cloud Analytics

The sensors collect data and deliver it via the Panoramic Power® Gen 4+ bridge to the energy intelligence cloud platform for monitoring and analysis.

​​​​Web and Mobile Apps

The cloud-based platform allows you to easily view and manage your energy from anywhere to make data-driven business and sustainability decisions.

Cloud Analytics for Enhanced Performance

Our cutting-edge cloud analytics platform offers the intelligence and visibility required to effectively comprehend and optimize your entire energy estate, and take proactive action on your operations and equipment. 

Our platform provides unparalleled value for performance, efficiency, and sustainability enhancements.

Natural Gas Meters

Metering of Natural Gas is essential for Scope 1 GHG emissions mitigation, and  understanding of boiler efficiency. EES integrates either the utility gas meter or we can provide inline / insertion meters for load segregation. 

Water & Thermal Meters

As water continues to become a scarce natural resource, Industrial manufacturers that are highly water intensive will need to identify waste and reduce water use. 

BTU Meters can help segregate thermal heating and cooling loads used by specific industrial and HVAC Systems. 

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Panoramic Power Meters (Electrical Meters)

Our services focus on sub-metering of electrical service at the Master Distribution Panel and subsequent subpanels to provide the data needed for load allocation and tenant billing solutions. 

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Steam Meters

Steam is a widely used energy resource within industrial cooking and CIP operations. Metering of this resource can provide point of use energy use and boiler efficiency. 

Compressed Air & Nitrogen (N2) Meters

Compressed Air and Nitrogen (N2) are essential resources within food and industrial manufacturing. 

Metering of these resources will help to identify capacity constraints and reduce energy and bulk gas costs. 

Data Analytics, Reporting and Tenant Billing

EES provides full integration of energy metrics, analytics, reporting and tenant billing services for the metered data. 

Our cloud dashboard simplifies integration, sharing of data with tenants and key business stakeholders.