• Self-Generate Nitrogen

    Reduce or Eliminate Bulk Nitrogen through Onsite Generation

Onsite Nitrogen Generation Sizing & Installation

EES provides system sizing and installation of onsite Nitrogen Generation Systems. Nitrogen has been a widely used gas to reduce surface or product oxidation which ultimately degrades the quality of the products. Onsite Nitrogen Generation can reduce the cost of Nitrogen by between 400 to 600%. The cost reduction is generated by eliminating the significant inefficiencies associated with bulk liquid Nitrogen supply chain.  

Through onsite nitrogen, compressed air is used to generate 99.5% - 99.995% purity Nitrogen. Our goal is to use existing compressors that might have sufficient capacity to carry the additional compressed air demand. If additional compressors are needed, we will then size and provide the needed the air compressors to the facility.

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Industrial Applications

Nitrogen is the most widely used industrial and laboratory gas in the world. Hundreds of applications in manufacturing plants, labs, and process facilities benefit from the inert properties of Nitrogen, to prevent the interactions with oxygen that contribute to corrosion, spoiling, fire, explosion, and many other detrimental effects. 

Emergent Energy Solutions will develop, and implement onsite N2 generation systems to meet the specific needs of the application. Our typical developed project has a payback period of 3 years. 
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