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Systems Automation & Data Integration

EES integrates critical data from infrastructure and process systems into a centralized or distributed multi-site platform that allows for simplified management. Our integration capacity includes: 

  • Lighting Controls - BACNET integration of existing lighting control panels or the installation of smart breakers / controls for zone controls based on daylighting or occupancy. 
  • Automatic Temperature Controls (ATC) on HVAC Systems - Integration of field mechanical systems either through open protocol or I/O Controls. 
  • Site Metering Infrastructure - EES specializes in the installation of metering systems that measures and tracks energy data from an wide assortment of energy meters. Data integration capabilities range from pulses, to analog or open com. Data is integrated and converted into a usable format for either tenant billing or energy reduction initiatives. The most powerful use of the data is proper correlation with mechanical system operations. 
  • Compressed Air, Vacuum & Refrigeration  Systems - These large industrial systems can contribute to over 50% of a facility's electrical load depending on the process requirements. Proper integration and system sequencing based on system capacity will help to reduce equipment run hours, and energy costs while meeting system demand for air or vacuum. 
  • Compressed Air System Ventilation Temperature Controls for heat recovery and cooling make-up air -  Poor compressed air mechanical room ventilation reduces system efficiency and equipment life. Proper ventilation controls coupled with heat recovery will provide a temperature and pressure stable mechanical space, that will help to reduce maintenance costs, and unforeseen breakdowns relating to a mechanical room that is either too hot or too cold.
  • Open Protocol Systems Integration - BACNet / MODBUS / LON / JSON / MQTT Data Aggregation & System Historian out data share. 
  • Multi-Site Integration of Building Automation Systems for centralized management of critical processes. EES standardizes on Honeywell's Tridium Niagara Platform as the primary integration controls platform and data warehouse. The front end supervisor provides custom graphics for system sequencing as well as the central historian. Data can then be easily shared with 3rd party analytics providers for system tuning to achieve greater energy efficiency or comfort controls. A centralized facilities team can track the operation of critical  systems and notify their field technicians to further investigate system alarms. 

Access Control 

EES designs and installs card access systems for commercial and industrial facilities. The growing trend is to incorporate Card Access with Biometrics Access controls which provides our customers with the ability to enhance security.  

CCTV & Video Surveillance Systems 

Video surveillance systems have slowly become the go to choice to achieve 24 x 7 site security. As the availability of low cost data storage and advances in camera technology, any site, regardless of size and complexity can benefit from the use of a site video surveillance system. 

EES deploys site camera systems with 3 different financing options: 

  • Hardware SaaS - No cost deployment, monthly payment option deployed as a service subscription. Video storage in the cloud. 
  • Capital Funded Purchase - Budgeted and deployed as a capital purchase for the entire system. Local / Centralized DVM at the customer's facility.
  • Operational Expense Funded Purchase - Structured multi-year maintenance agreement that pays for the system through operational maintenance budgets.