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LED Lighting Upgrades

Lighting is an essential infrastructure system that has to work every time you turn it on. LED lighting optimizes lumens per watt efficiency and provides the longest rated lifespan, reducing cost of ownership and ongoing operations. 

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Commercial LED Lighting Solutions

When compared with Industrial LED Upgrades, commercial upgrades are more simplistic. Typical retrofits typically include upgrades to existing drop ceiling fixtures or accent linear strip fixtures within commercial office or retail spaces. We employ 2 different strategies: 

  1.  T-5 & T-8 Re-Lamps - Relamp of existing fixtures provides the simplest path and lowest cost of capital investment to achieve higher efficiency lighting. Retrofits are relatively simple and provides a path to maintain a bulb style warrantee and long term ownership process. If a LED bulb fails, the bulb itself can be simply replaced, while maintaining the fixture style and uniformity throughout the building. Typical utility incentives for re-lamps run between $3.00 - 6.00 per lamp and can end up paying for 50 - 75% of the cost of the new T-8 or T-5 retrofit lamp. 
  2. Whole Fixture Replacements - Entire fixtures can be replaced either through a complete fixture replacement or troffer retrofit kits. Available incentives are higher for complete fixture replacements, ranging from $20.00 - $35.00 per fixture. The work related to a fixture replacement and the material costs increases the cost of the upgrade and typically doubles the payback period from a standard T-8, T-5 realm project. 

Utilities have started to focus heavily on integrating smarter controls into lighting systems to allow for additional savings from LED retrofits. The newer generation lighting systems may offer wireless mesh integration, built in dimming and color temperature variability and time of day, daylighting sequencing that can achieve additional savings as well as qualifying for additional incentives from the utilities for these investments. 

Commercial LED lighting upgrades offer up a way to cost effectively enhance a space's aesthetics while reducing the lighting costs by over 50% on a year over year basis. With warrantees that run from 5 to 10 years on LED products, these upgrades offer up a great way to reduce energy and long term service costs for any commercial building 

Please reach out to us for further details on how we can help you with you lighting upgrade. 
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