Utility Rebate and Incentive Administration Services

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Utility rebates are incentives provided by electric and natural gas utility companies that helps to reduce the capital investment cost  into energy efficiency by their customers. These utility incentives are collected from the utility service provider's customer base and then reinvested into its customers who pursue projects that invests in quantifiable efficiency improvements. 

These utility rebates are designed to incentivize the utility customer to invest in new technology or change operational sequences to decrease energy demand (KW) and consumption (KWH)

Projects that qualify for utility rebates and incentives include:

  1. Motors & VFD’s
  2. LED Lighting Systems
  3. HVAC
  4. Building Automation Systems (BAS)
  5. Retro-Commissioning 
  6. Compressed Air Systems - Either a simple VFD upgrade or a custom multi-compressor upgrade. The typical approach for compressed air system upgrade is t the custom application process.
  7. System Controls and Sequencing that improves the overall efficiency of the system. 
  8. Custom Measures – Non-standard systems upgrades that requires higher levels of measurement & verification. These can include manufacturing process improvements, Compressed Air Systems, New Construction and other non-prescriptive projects. 
  9. Other Projects - Manufacturing process efficiency improvements from new equipment can also qualify for utility rebates and incentives. As technological advances provide a path for manufacturers to improve system efficiency, the energy and labor input per finished product continues to be reduced.  This efficiency gain can be measured through the custom application process in a majority of the utility rebate programs that offers a custom application process. 

EES administers utility rebate applications throughout the country and can help to maximize rebate dollars on projects. Our unique value includes our knowledge of the application process and our engineering aptitude. We will collect all pertinent information for the application and will be the point of contact until the application is approved and the rebate is in hand. We will also orchestrate any M&V requirements for both prescriptive and custom incentive applications.

Please contact us for assistance with your utility rebate application.

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