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DOE Releases AI for Energy - Opportunities for a Modern Grid and Clean Energy Economy
"AI for Energy: Opportunities for a Modern Grid and Clean Energy Economy" from the U.S. Department of Energy identifies near-term opportunities for AI to aid in four key areas of grid management: planning, permitting, operations and reliability, and resilience.
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Emergent Energy delivers a turnkey compressed air and nitrogen system upgrade project at Lavazza's US Headquarters (West Chester, PA). Through the support of the PECO"s utility incentives, the project delivered a 1 month payback as 100% of the project costs were covered by the rebates.  Th...

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FEMP Releases Updated Guidelines on Submetering

As the need for sustainable and efficient energy use becomes increasingly paramount, the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) has introduced new guidelines on submetering. These guidelines aim to enhance energy accountability and drive improvements in energy management across federa...

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